Polymer Processing

Polymer Synthesis

DMSO is a powerful solvent capable of dissolving highly insoluble monomers and retaining high molecular weight polymers in solution, which makes it the ideal solvent for a number of polymer synthesis processes. DMSO’s unique solvent properties are critical to its use in the synthesis of chemically resistant polymers and engineering resins such as carbon fiber, polysulfones, ultrafiltration membranes, and polymer dispersions. Other solvents used in these applications include NMP and DMF, both of which pose serious health concerns and face increasing regulatory scrutiny.

DMSO Industrial Grade offers consistent high performance without sacrificing safety.

Applications Include:

Powerful Properties

  • Industry leading product quality
  • Reliable bulk and packaged delivery
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Essentially odorless
  • Manufactured in the USA
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Proven Safety and Performance

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing

The multi-step carbon fiber manufacturing process relies on the use of DMSO as a processing solvent. DMSO is of great value in spinning polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers, a precursor to carbon fiber. Dimethyl sulfoxide is used both in the spinning dope and in the coagulation bath.

Membrane Manufacturing

Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are solvent-cast from DMSO, as are membranes used in fuel cell technology. Resins such as polysulfone (PS) are dissolved in DMSO and then cast into porous membranes using an antisolvent, or humidity. While many solvents may compete in the large category of polymer synthesis, DMSO comes into its own regarding high temperature engineering resins such as polysulfones (PES, PS), polyaryletherketones (PEK, PEEK, PEKK).

Polymer Dispersions

Polyurethanes synthesized in DMSO may be dispersed in water, similar to the use of other dipolar aprotic solvents in the manufacture of water-borne coatings. DMSO offers high performance without sacrificing health or safety when compared to alternatives like DMF and NMP.

Process Solvent/Reducing Agent

Dimethyl Sulfide plays a role in synthesis, both as a solvent and as a reducing agent. Alkylated derivatives of DMS are useful epoxidation reagents. Many organic reactions utilize a borane-Dimethyl Sulfide complex.

Polymer Solubility Data

DMSO is capable of dissolving a wide variety of polymer types. Use the below solubility table to determine if DMSO is the right solvent for your application. Please contact us if the polymer you’re interested isn’t listed and we’d be happy to review it.

Technical Service and Consultation

Gaylord Chemical provides application specific technical service in support of all of our product grades. From formulation development and regulatory consultation to Engineering and Design consultation, we’re here to help.

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