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Gaylord Chemical’s New AgXalt™ Series –  Designed and Tested for use in Regulated Agrichemical Applications

June 20th , 2023

Gaylord Chemical Company is proud to announce the launch of AgXalt™ X-100, a safe yet powerful solvent specifically designed and tested for use in regulated agrichemical applications. AgXalt™ X-100 is the culmination of many years of testing and collaboration with regulators to put a safe and highly effective solvent into the hands of ag formulators globally. 

In a regulatory climate in which chemical products are evaluated under considerable scrutiny, it is no small task to gain approvals for a new end-use application in agriculture. AgXalt™ X-100’s recent EPA decision regarding its standing under 40 CFR § 180.920 is a true testament to its safety profile and its performance has been clearly demonstrated. 

Gaylord develops products that are optimized to meet the needs of highly specialized end-use applications with considerable performance and regulatory requirements and AgXalt™ X-100 is no exception. This product has a safety, regulatory, and performance profile that is unmatched by any solvent in the industry. Importantly, Gaylord has made considerable investments to ensure reliable domestic supply of AgXalt™ X-100 in order to support its large-scale use in Ag. In addition to 100% domestic production, Gaylord is proud to be backward integrated and 100% US sourced for every single raw material used to make AgXalt™ X-100.

This is a proud moment for Gaylord Chemical! We look forward to helping our customers innovate for the future. 


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World’s first dedicated Nitrogen Tetroxide (N2O4) Facility Completed

February 15th, 2023


Gaylord Chemical Company is proud to announce the successful back-integration into all critical raw materials with the completion of the world’s first dedicated Nitrogen Tetroxide (N2O4) production facility which is located in Tuscaloosa, USA. With this major achievement, Gaylord Chemical Company has full control of the availability and quality of the entire value chain from basic to specialty chemicals.

This substantial investment allows us to serve our DMSO customers with significantly improved product availability and thus considerably greater security of supply.  We are the only DMSO producer worldwide that is fully back integrated into N2O4, and is able to control quality and availability from the cradle to grave.

Gaylord Chemical Company employees are to be commended for their work and diligence to develop and build the first and only on-purpose Nitrogen Tetroxide production plant in the world, capable of producing the highest purity N2O4 grades. This is a proud moment for Gaylord Chemical to announce this most recent company achievement which once again demonstrates our commitment as the preeminent producer of DMSO globally.